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The Giant Poppies and the Drakur
The Giant Poppy and the Drakuri
Nature of the Drakur and the Giant Poppies
The Giant Poppies and the Drakur are highly peculiar specimens. This symbiotic relationship between plant and bird seems to be thousands, if not millions of years old.
The Giant Poppy is an enormous flower, where the average height for a elder ranges up to twenty meters. Records have been found of exceptionally tall individuals up to thirty meters.
 These giants live up to twenty years, in which they become mature at the age of then. The maximum age recorded is thirty-seven. Said poppy was also the tallest individual ever recorded, as they do not halt their growth throughout their lifetime.
The reason for their giant size, lies in the symbiotic relationship they hold with the Drakur.
 The Drakur are a very peculiar specie of birds. The father Drakur, whom carry the eggs after they've been fertilized and transferred by the female individual to the male one, lays the egg
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Watcher's File - Caithalyn Grace Grimrose
The Watcher's File
Subject: Caithalyn Grace Grimrose
Physical complexion.
The miss Caithalyn, a Priestess of the age of thirty and five years old, turning years the twenty first of June. The subject has been of her occupation for about twenty years, albeit she has been in training ever since the age of four.
Subject can be recognized as a female individual of the Human species, her origin in the land which goes by the name of Gilneas.
This woman stands at a height of 176 centimetres, or around five feet and nine inches. Her weight is an exact 87,217 kilograms, or about 192 pounds, without any article of clothing.
Subject's eyes are often described as "Green", however the correct classification would be hazel wherein the green colour is mostly dominant. The underlying brown/golden colour is mostly dominant around the iris, where an amber ring can be seen.
The subjects skin can be describes as naturally fair, albeit under the exposure of the sun, it can appear in a shade of light brown.
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The Battle Priestess by CestinaShaiya The Battle Priestess :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 0 In Honour of: Litha by CestinaShaiya In Honour of: Litha :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 0
Eraine - Cast of Chapter One
A lone skittish deer bolted it's head upright in the clearing, as the sound of a rock crashing against the newly unfrozen earth and foliage, pierced the silence. The yearling, who had just barely survived it's very first winter in the woods, flicked it's ears in all directions, with it's sizeable nostrils flaring, in an anxious attempt to detect any dangers. It's dark eyes stared into the shadows of the early pre-dawn, no movement being detected amongst the tree columns just beyond the small clearing in the forest.
  The silence – only broken by the gentle rustling of wind caressing branches and budding leaves – was revealing nothing in the woods, the rushing heartbeat of an anxious young stag beginning to settle down to normal once more.
  With the dawn approaching in slow, steady paces, the animal once more lowered it's head – to feed off the carpet of grass, adorned with thousands of small jewels, created by the newly formed morning dew, rising from the c
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Caithalyn G. Grimrose by CestinaShaiya Caithalyn G. Grimrose :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 0
Mature content
Riding the Nightmare: Ch. 3 - Horrors :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 0
Riding the Nightmare: Ch. 2 - History Lesson
It was even worse up close. The dark buildings made the once lively village look like a ghost town. Most of the roofs were missing. Only a single of the houses on the hill seemed to have been left somewhat intact. The walls didn't look too good either, but at least they weren't collapsing... It was actually looking better than what she had anticipated.
 Of old habit she walked to the Inn where she had spent most of her time, whilst trying to figure out what it was which was missing from her body... What it was which had now left, that had left her so alone. So... Helpless.
 She walked in through the hallway. It all seemed so surreal... There was no happy cheer or drunken yells from the room just up ahead. Nor where any cloaks or coats hung upon the hooks plunged into the walls. The door had been torn off from it's hinges, so the wind could breeze through the hallway unhindered. She turned the corner, not sure what to expect. But utmost certainly not this!
 Almost all of
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Riding the Nightmare: Ch. 1 - Awaking
A harsh light from an unrelenting sun was shed upon her eyelashes – the sharp light tearing her from the soft embrace of the Queen of Dreams. A low, pained groaned escaped her dry throat as Caithy forced her eyelids apart.
 The scenery around her was confusing. She was lying on her breastplate, chin against blackened stones woven together to form a bridge. From the sodded poles hung burnt pennants, remainders of gold and blue just barely visible. The cloth was torn and shredded by time. She could see no more from her lying position on the ground.
 Placing both her palms on the black stone below, she pushed herself up to a sitting position where she could better have a look around. The landscape she had arrived in was alien, yet... There was something hauntingly familiar over it. The bridge she stood upon parted a large lake from a much smaller one. The waters was dark and muddied, making it impossible to see down to the bottom of the lakebed. The soil on the ground was
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WIP: Introduction to a story
To the reader whom might find yourself behind the pages of this book, I warn thee. Some of this is not a tale for those faint of heart. Neither is it a tale many will believe is written in the correct time. As for those who will be offended by finding your dear ancestors within these pages and are offended thereof, I apologise.
 However, as of the year 2109, I have grown old and weary. The tales of the World War 3 – Or more commonly known as World War Genocide – need to be told, despite how many will object this point of view. “It is too soon” they might object. But I disagree. For the ones who were there during the war, the ones who saw it before their own eyes, they are old. Some more than others. And in not much more than a generation or two, they will be gone.
 And thus, I promise you, reader, that what will be seen from these pages is the story of two people. Myself and William, who passed away little more than three months ago. He never got to se
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The Cliff
Falling down into the abyss of never-ending darkness.Your instincts betray you, keeping you up. You try to climb up the steep cliff wall, every movement hurting your very soul.
You climb, seeing the soft and soothing Light above, only to fall even deeper down. You see others like you, climbing, falling. You wish, wish for them to get up to the top.
Up above, on grassy hills and meadows, they run. Blissfully unaware of the cliffs pain and trial. Down below, eternal darkness reside, beautiful and final. An end to the pain.
But you do not let go. Why not? Others have done so. But you have not. At least not yet.
Looking down, the cliff seems no worse than here where you are - horrible. But it is a lie. Down below it is a hundred times worse than here. And you know it.
A sigh escapes, and you resume your climbing, your falling. Hoping for the hand of miracle to reach down and pull you up. Climbing and falling, ever deeper down.
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Compared Progress: 11/5 - 28/11 by CestinaShaiya Compared Progress: 11/5 - 28/11 :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 4 GA: Rendual Brightsteel and Majesta Qae'Sitheer by CestinaShaiya GA: Rendual Brightsteel and Majesta Qae'Sitheer :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 1 10
I'm standing at a train station.
All around me, people rush. They rush forward, or they rush back home.
The trains comes in and out of the station. Some carry many passengers, others only a single one.
Inside, delightful laughter or heated fights can be heard. People speaking words of joy, or crying tears of sorrow.
The ones who step onto the trains seem hopeful, their faces lit up alight with joy and excitement.
Some of those never leave the train again. Those, those are the lucky blessed ones.
Because the ones who step out of the trains, do so with deep scars running bellow the skin. Their faces have been torn by sadness, or perhaps even sorrow.
Some are still crying.
I'm standing at my stop.
I've watched a few trains stop by me, only to drive on some time after.
It's long since I've stepped off my last train.
In fact, I've been standing here, at my stop, for months of months.
When I did step off, it was drenched in tears, with deep wounds running over my surface.
Now, my
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Great Space Butterfly Tribute! by CestinaShaiya Great Space Butterfly Tribute! :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 0 Blue Angel v. 2 by CestinaShaiya Blue Angel v. 2 :iconcestinashaiya:CestinaShaiya 0 0


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Think the bust problems have been on for long enough, so I shall shamelessly indulge in an attempt at getting a commissioned piece of my poor little Battle Priest. Here's to hoping!
Definitely worth checking her out, if one is interested. The contest page is here!


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